Download WOW WURTH 5.00.8 + KEYGEN,

Wurth WoW! provides a set of functions for diagnostics, repair and maintenance of electronic systems, including reading and erasing fault codes, the performance of active testing, coding, and setting immobilizer and electronic components, reset the service intervals, as well as EOBD diagnostics, etc.

Download WOW WURTH 5.00.12 + KEYGEN

Size: 1.84 GB


or WOW 5.00.8 R2: DOWNLOAD



Pass extract: 123

If you can’t download, you can read   HOW TO DOWNLOAD

Installation and activation Instructions

Unzip the file wow5.00.8R2eng.exe to the root of the drive C/. The password for the archive:  motordig.
You will get a folder C/wow5.00.8R2eng. Open the folder wow5.00.8R2eng and run the wow.exe file.

Attention! Turn off the Internet!

The program opens a window Photo 1.(Photo in your .REG FILE).

2. Window, click-CONTINUE Photo2
3. Window Photo3. Customer data. Customer ID does not change!
Better fill as directed. Click-CONTINUE
4. In the select ITEMS select now Diagnose key Seriall S-light and click-Continue. This key you have
ostanitsa in required. See Photo 4.
5. check the CONTRACT box and click ACCEPT to CONTINUE. Photo5.
6. in the SUMMARY of Click-order. Photo6.
7. print preview, click Close. Photo 7.
8. Photo8 click-OK!
9. We find ourselves in the REGISTRATION STATUS. Foto9. Here we look carefully your registration key.
10. in order to determine the necessary numbers to activate run the KEYGEN. See Foto10.
Enter your registration key (see Foto9) and define the necessary figures. For example, Foto10
It figures 27 and 86.
11. Next, activate the following switches see Foto11.

03068XX-22222o22qi232252rhpxxwx2-76190421-464898-138XX10 [WSD-300 SNOOPER DIAGNOSE KOMPLETT]
03068XX-225lxwphvi2222hq22222224-76190421-464898-168XX12 [WTI-450 DATENPAKET DIAGNOSE]
03068XX-vgma2w22qi2225l622222227-76190421-464898-138XX19 [WTI-100 TECHNISCHE INFORMATIONEN SERVICE]
03068XX-3i222222222222i422222222-76190421-464898-158XX19 [WTI-20 TECHNISCHE INFORMATIONEN]

Activate other keys without special equipment and a real license does not make sense, it may even worsen
the work programme.
When you activate a customer ID leave 100251.
Once activated, click close

12. Before you run the program, open the file C/wow5.00.8R2eng/ac_diagnosis_module/data/serial_numbers.txt
Watch recorded your S/N number of the device. If not then write down. See Photo12

Your program is ready to go. The program comes with FW1423. If there is a desire to, set FW1430. With a more stable 1430
the eOBD Protocol and Real Data.

In the folder c/wow5.00.8R2eng/data folder is NEW-it’s clean REG files.

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