Vintage Look 2 LUT Pack (15 LUTs) Free Download

Included in this Package are 15 Colour grade presets, Attentively Made to unveil a classic aesthetic. The comments for your first “Classic Appear” LUT Bundle has been overwhelmingly favorable, which Is the Reason Why I’ve decided to Turn off 2019 with a few more amazing, cheap, color markers which can make Your videos look amazing AND save time!

The LUTs are all cube files that can operate in editing software Such as Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro X, and Davinci Resolve.

When These LUTs are made to operate with any footage, you Will find the best results if your clips have been taken marginally flat for greater Dynamic array (eg. Cine4 or SLOG on Sony cameras).

When employing a LUT for your own footage, turn the Opacity/intensity of this LUT all the way down to 0 percent and slowly start increasing it. You Can Quit raising the opacity/intensity if you are feeling that the Like you have gotten the desired outcome that you’re searching for.

If through this process, you are feeling like a part of your picture is Beginning to appear too bright or dark, you may earn an easy vulnerability adjustment On your own footage to repair this. The identical theory applies to white balance too. If your picture is appearing overly cool or warm, an easy white balance correction in Your highlights will immediately correct this.

There’s also a LUT contained within this bunch referred to as”Adjust-fade”. Feel free to utilize this LUT on its own, or in Addition to another but to make a faded look. When utilizing this LUT you Will Surely want to Reduce the Opacity/intensity to avoid totally washing your own footage.

If You’re unsure how to put in LUTs to your video editing Applications, a straightforward YouTube search will address all your issues. Just type “the best way to set up luts on your editing applications”.

Download Vintage Look 2 LUT Pack (15 LUTs) from the below link now!

Size: 1.7MB

Link download Veryfiles: DOWNLOAD

Link download Google drive: DOWNLOAD

Pass extract:

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