Thimeo Stereo Tool 9.92 Free Download

Stereo Tool is a software based audio processor that provides outstanding sound quality and comes with many unique features. It is used by more than 1500 FM stations ranging from small local stations to 50-100 kW stations and a nationwide network with dozens of transmitters, thousands of streaming stations, and many DAB+, HD, AM and TV stations . The Stereo Tool can make recordings equal and consistent in sound volume and color, bringing out details and enhancing existing stereo effects. It can repair the ‘broken’ stereo picture that often occurs on low-cost cassettes, vinyl and CDs, which often causes havoc when played on mono systems, headphones or systems with openers. wide stereo.

Stereo Tool has special support for radio stations: Much larger output levels, FM pre-emphasis, stereo encoding and RDS encoding for FM stations, and high-level protection against lossy compression for stations web radio. Processing latency can be reduced to as low as 12 ms, at the expense of reduced fidelity. At maximum quality, the processing latency is 93 ms.

Stereo Tool Plugin sets are intended for Winamp, SAM Broadcaster, RadioBOSS, MediaMonkey, AIMP and other applications that support Winamp DSP plugins.

Other Features of Stereo Tool

  • Fix cut sound
  • Eliminate distortion, restore dynamics
  • Improve the sound of MPEG2/MP3 . lossy compressed files
  • Eliminate unwanted constant sound, such as bad cable 50/60 Hz noise
  • Wide selection of audio expanders
  • Sound level up to 140% at 100% modulation
  • Provides 2-3 dB more headroom for high tones
  • Be the biggest and cleanest station on the dial!
  • Compatible with all receivers
  • Built-in RDS and stereo encoder RT+ and remote control support.

Thimeo Stereo Tool 9.92 Free Download

Size: 30 MB

Link Google drive: DOWNLOAD | Link TeraBox: DOWNLOAD


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