The Product Keys For All Autodesk 2020 Products

Product keys are required to install Autodesk products. Product codes differentiate between products that are sold independently and as part of a product suite.

For example, installing AutoCAD 2020 as a single product requires product key 001L1, but installing AutoCAD 2020 from the AutoCAD Design Suite Premium 2020 requires product key 768L1. Make sure you use the correct product key for the Autodesk product and version you are installing. Entering an incorrect product key will result in activation errors.

Product keys 2021 , 2020, 2019, 2018

Product Name2021202020192018
Autodesk 3ds Max 128M1128L1128K1128J1
Autodesk 3ds Max  with Softimage978K1978J1
Autodesk Advance Steel 959M1959L1959K1959J1
Autodesk Alias AutoStudio 966M1966L1966K1966J1
Autodesk Alias Concept A63M1A63L1A63K1A63J1
Autodesk Alias Design 712M1712L1712K1712J1
Autodesk Alias SpeedForm A62L1A62K1A62J1
Autodesk Alias Surface 736M1736L1736K1736J1
Autodesk ArtCAM – Premium A9BJ1
Autodesk ArtCAM – Standard A9CJ1
Autodesk AutoCAD 001M1001L1001K1001J1
Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture 185M1185L1185K1185J1
Autodesk AutoCAD Design Suite Premium 768M1768L1768K1768J1
Autodesk AutoCAD Design Suite Standard 767M1767L1767K1767J1
Autodesk AutoCAD Electrical 225M1225L1225K1225J1
Autodesk AutoCAD for Mac 777M1777L1777K1777J1
Autodesk AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite 596M1596L1596K1596J1
Autodesk AutoCAD LT 057M1057L1057K1057J1
Autodesk AutoCAD LT for Mac 827M1827L1827K1827J1
Autodesk AutoCAD LT with CALS Tools 545M1545L1545K1545J1
Autodesk AutoCAD Map 3D 129M1129L1129K1129J1
Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical 206M1206L1206K1206J1
Autodesk AutoCAD MEP 235M1235L1235K1235J1
Autodesk AutoCAD OEM 140J1
Autodesk AutoCAD Plant 3D 426M1426L1426K1426J1
Autodesk AutoCAD Raster Design 340M1340L1340K1340J1
Autodesk AutoCAD Revit LT Suite 834M1834L1834K1834J1
Autodesk Building Design Suite Premium 765M1765L1765K1765J1
Autodesk Building Design Suite Standard 784M1784L1784K1784J1
Autodesk Building Design Suite Ultimate 766M1766L1766K1766J1
Autodesk Burn C0YM1C0YL1C0YK1
Autodesk CFD Design Study Environment 812K1812J1
Autodesk CFD Premium / -advanced 810K1810J1
Autodesk CFD Ultimate / Motion 811K1811J1
Autodesk Civil 3D 237M1237L1237K1237J1
Autodesk Dynamo Studio A83J1
Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite Ultimate 793J1
Autodesk Fabrication CADmep 839M1839L1839K1839J1
Autodesk Fabrication CAMduct 842M1842L1842K1842J1
Autodesk Fabrication ESTmep 841M1841L1841K1841J1
Autodesk Factory Design Suite Premium 757M1757L1757K1757J1
Autodesk Factory Design Suite Standard 789M1789L1789K1789J1
Autodesk Factory Design Suite Ultimate 760M1760L1760K1760J1
Autodesk Factory Design Utilities P03M1P03L1P03K1P03J1
Autodesk FeatureCAM Premium A9FM1A9FL1A9FK1A9FJ1
Autodesk FeatureCAM Standard A9GM1A9GL1A9GK1A9GJ1
Autodesk FeatureCAM Ultimate A9EM1A9EL1A9EK1A9EJ1
Autodesk Flame C0TM1C0TL1C0TK1C0TJ1
Autodesk Flame  – EducationC14M1C14L1C14K1C14J1
Autodesk Flame Assist C0VM1C0VL1C0VK1C0VJ1
Autodesk Flame Premium C0XM1C0XL1C0XK1C0XJ1
Autodesk Flare C0WM1C0WL1C0WK1C0WJ1
Autodesk Helius PFA 899K1899J1
Autodesk HSM Premium C12L1C12K1C12J1
Autodesk HSM Ultimate C13L1C13K1C13J1
Autodesk HSMWorks Premium 872J1
Autodesk HSMWorks Professional 873J1
Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite Premium 786M1786L1786K1786J1
Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite Standard 787M1787L1787K1787J1
Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite Ultimate 785M1785L1785K1785J1
Autodesk Infrastructure Map Server 796J1
Autodesk Infrastructure Map Server 5 Activations 877J1
Autodesk InfraWorks 927J1
Autodesk Inventor208M1208L1208K1208J1
Autodesk Inventor Engineer-to-Order  – Developer A66M1A66L1A66K1A66J1
Autodesk Inventor Engineer-to-Order Series 805M1805L1805K1805J1
Autodesk Inventor Engineer-to-Order Series Distribution Fee 636J1
Autodesk Inventor Engineer-to-Order Server752L1752K1752J1
Autodesk Inventor ETO     – Server997M1997L1997K1
Autodesk Inventor ETO – Distribution996M1996L1996K1996J1
Autodesk Inventor HSM 969J1
Autodesk Inventor HSM Premium 969M1969L1969K1
Autodesk Inventor HSM Pro/Ultimate 970M1970L1970K1970J1
Autodesk Inventor LT 529M1529L1529K1529J1
Autodesk Inventor Nastran 987M1987L1
Autodesk Inventor OEM 798M1798L1798K1798J1
Autodesk Inventor Professional 797M1797L1797K1797J1
Autodesk Live 02ZJ1
Autodesk Lustre C0UM1C0UL1C0UK1C0UJ1
Autodesk Lustre Burn C10L1C10K1
Autodesk Lustre ShotReactor C11L1C11K1
Autodesk Manufacturing Automation Utility A9YM1A9YL1A9YK1
Autodesk Manufacturing Data Exchange Utility Premium A9VM1A9VL1A9VK1
Autodesk Manufacturing Data Exchange Utility Standard A9XM1A9XL1A9XK1
Autodesk Manufacturing Post Processor Utility A9TM1A9TL1A9TK1
Autodesk Maya 657L1657K1657J1
Autodesk Maya  with Softimage977K1
Autodesk Maya LT 923L1923K1923J1
Autodesk MEP Fabrication Suite 00QL100QK100QJ1
Autodesk Moldflow Adviser Premium 571K1571J1
Autodesk Moldflow Adviser Ultimate 572K1572J1
Autodesk Moldflow Design 837K1
Autodesk Moldflow Insight Premium 574K1574J1
Autodesk Moldflow Insight Standard 573K1573J1
Autodesk Moldflow Insight Ultimate 575K1575J1
Autodesk Moldflow Synergy 579K1579J1
Autodesk MotionBuilder 727K1727J1
Autodesk Mudbox 498K1498J1
Autodesk Nastran 986K1986J1
Autodesk Nastran In-CAD 987K1987J1
Autodesk Navisworks Manage 507M1507L1507K1507J1
Autodesk Navisworks Simulate 506M1506L1506K1506J1
Autodesk PartMaker A9SL1A9SK1
Autodesk Plant Design Suite Premium 763M1763L1763K1763J1
Autodesk Plant Design Suite Standard 788M1788L1788K1788J1
Autodesk Plant Design Suite Ultimate 764M1764L1764K1764J1
Autodesk Point Layout 925M1925L1925K1925J1
Autodesk PowerInspect – Standard A9KM1A9KL1A9KK1A9KJ1
Autodesk PowerInspect – Ultimate A9HM1A9HL1A9HK1A9HJ1
Autodesk PowerInspect Premium A9JM1A9JL1A9JK1A9JJ1
Autodesk PowerMill Modeling A9UM1A9UL1A9UK1
Autodesk PowerMill Premium A9AM1A9AL1A9AK1A9AJ1
Autodesk PowerMill Standard A9QM1A9QL1A9QK1A9QJ1
Autodesk PowerMill Ultimate A9PM1A9PL1A9PK1A9PJ1
Autodesk PowerShape – Premium A9MM1A9ML1A9MK1A9MJ1
Autodesk PowerShape – Standard A9NM1A9NL1A9NK1A9NJ1
Autodesk PowerShape – Ultimate A9LM1A9LL1A9LK1A9LJ1
Autodesk Product Design Suite Premium 782M1782L1782K1782J1
Autodesk Product Design Suite Ultimate 781M1781L1781K1781J1
Autodesk ReCap Pro 919M1919L1919K1919J1
Autodesk Revit 829M1829L1829K1829J1
Autodesk Revit LT 828M1828L1828K1828J1
Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional 547M1547L1547K1547J1
Autodesk Simulation Mechanical 669J1
Autodesk SketchBook for Enterprise / Pro871M1871L1871K1871J1
Autodesk Smoke – desktop subscription 982J1
Autodesk Stingray A72J1
Autodesk Structural Bridge Design 954J1
Autodesk Structural Fabrication Suite 00RJ1
Autodesk TruComp 00EL100EK100EJ1
Autodesk TruFiber 01WL101WK101WJ1
Autodesk TruLaser 00DL100DK100DJ1
Autodesk TruNest  – Nesting Engine00FL100FK1
Autodesk TruNest Composites 00BL100BK100BJ1
Autodesk TruNest Contour 00AL100AK100AJ1
Autodesk TruNest Multi-Tool 00CL100CK100CJ1
Autodesk TruPlan 01VL101VK101VJ1
Autodesk Vault Office 555M1555L1555K1555J1
Autodesk Vault Professional 569M1569L1569K1569J1
Autodesk Vault Workgroup 559M1559L1559K1559J1
Autodesk Vehicle Tracking 955M1955L1955K1955J1
Autodesk VRED 884L1884K1884J1
Autodesk VRED Design 885M1885L1885K1885J1
Autodesk VRED Presenter 888M1888L1888K1888J1
Autodesk VRED Professional 886M1886L1886K1886J1
Autodesk VRED Render Node 890M1890L1890K1890J1
Autodesk VRED Render Node – consumption-based license A93L1A93K1
Autodesk VRED Server 887M1887L1887K1887J1
Autodesk Wiretap Gateway C0ZM1C0ZL1C0ZK1
CADdoctor for Autodesk Simulation 577J1
Enterprise Add-on for Autodesk Vault 838J1
FeatureCAM Premium P16L1P16K1
FeatureCAM Standard P15L1P15K1
FeatureCAM Ultimate P17L1P17K1
HSMWorks Premium 873L1873K1
HSMWorks Ultimate 872L1872K1
PowerInspect Premium P13L1P13K1
PowerInspect Standard P12L1P12K1
PowerInspect Ultimate P14L1P14K1
PowerMill Premium P07L1P07K1
PowerMill Standard A9ZL1A9ZK1
PowerMill Ultimate P08L1P08K1
PowerShape Premium P10L1P10K1
PowerShape Standard P09L1P09K1
PowerShape Ultimate P11L1P11K1
RealDWG 151J1
T1 Enterprise Multi-flex 535M1535L1535K1
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