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ZWCAD is a professional software application that provides a handy set of tools to help users design 2D and 3D drawings. Although it is packed with many specialized parameters, it boasts a clean layout that allows users to create a new drawing from scratch, using a very useful step-by-step approach, especially is for rookies as they are offered support in the whole processing or choose one of the sample files.

The app allows you to choose between British or metric units, zoom in or out of your work environment, specify angle values, set drawing limits, use polar tracking to limit mouse pointer at specified angles, work with line types and layers, and assign colors to objects. Furthermore, you can extract or calculate geometric information from objects (calculate area and perimeter), divide objects (line, arc, circle) into an equal number of segments and only specify 2D and 3D coordinate values.

Other important options worth mentioning allow users to delete, duplicate, flip, rotate, align, resize and stretch objects, change the length of objects, crop or expand them, also like creating gaps in the object or flat corners. You can work with multiple drawings at once, cut or copy objects from one drawing to another, undo or redo your actions, delete objects, embed text messages copy, create and insert blocks, apply fill operations to fill an area, plot and take snapshots (EMF, WMF, SLD).

The user interface is customizable, as you can display and rearrange the toolbars, enable the status bar, display the command bar, and add your own commands and macros. Created drawings can be exported to DWG, DXF or DWT file format. All in all, ZWCAD offers many advanced features to help you design 2D and 3D models and is especially suitable for advanced users.

Main features of ZWCAD

  • Import DGN files, exchange drawings with MicroStation.
  • Add captions with audio recordings
  • Activate commands with mouse gestures
  • Multiple filters to choose from, select objects that match certain properties
  • Convert text information as barcodes or QR codes and embed them in drawings
  • Multi-line text, full text editing function
  • Insert raster images, support formats like JPEG, PNG and BMP
  • Collect geometries together into one object that you can use over and over again
  • Test and debug code for correct lisp programs
  • Compare two similar drawings and highlight the difference
  • Do calculations in CAD just like you would with a desktop computer
  • Create and modify 3D models with solid, surface, and mesh modeling tools
  • Specify how to print things like color, boldness, and line style, etc.

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