Download Windows Server 2022 21H2 32bit 64bit Google drive

Download the official Windows Server 2022, which will come with a host of advanced security enhancements. In particular, this version will also be the first to see the presence of Secured-core on the Windows Server platform to enhance protection against a wide range of threats.

The latest Windows Server 2022 version 21H2 “provides secure connections enabled with industry standard AES 256 encryption”.

The next release of Windows Server will also improve hybrid server management by enhancing performance monitoring and event alerts in the Windows Admin Center.

Furthermore, this release will also include significant improvements to the Windows container runtime. Such as virtualized time zones and IPV6 support for globally scalable applications, as well as container engines for .NET, ASP.NET and IIS applications.”

Secured-core server with built-in threat protection

Secure-core PC is currently considered a response to the growing number of firmware vulnerabilities that attackers can abuse to bypass Windows’ Secure Boot. It also overcomes the lack of security-level manageability in many of today’s endpoint security solutions. Built-in protection is designed to protect users from threats of abuse. Vulnerabilities in firmware and driver security flaws, included in all Secured-core PCs as of October 2019.

They can protect users against malware designed to take advantage of driver security flaws to disable security solutions.

Secured-core PCs are typically developed in partnership with Microsoft and OEM partners and silicon chip manufacturers. Secured-core PC protects users against attacks by complying with the following requirements:

  • Load Windows securely: Integrated with Hypervisor Enforced Integrity, Secured-core PC boots only executables signed by known and approved entities. In addition, supervisors can also set and enforce necessary permissions to prevent malware from attempting to modify memory and execute malicious code.
  • Firmware-level protection: System Guard Secure Launch uses the CPU to authenticate the secure boot device, preventing advanced firmware attacks
  • Identity protection: Windows Hello allows you to log in without a password, while Credential Guard leverages help prevent identity attacks.
  • Safe, hardware-separated operating environment: Use Trusted Platform Module 2.0 and a modern CPU with Trusted Dynamic Root Measurement (DRTM) to safely boot up your PC and minimize downtime. firmware vulnerabilities.

Today’s Secured-core servers follow these regulations for secure boot, self-protection from firmware bugs, operating system protection from attacks, unauthorized access prevention, security user identity and domain credentials.

Together, Windows Server 2022 and Secured-core will add the following preventive protection capabilities to the server:

  • Enhanced Exploit Protection: Hardware innovations enable robust and effective deployment of exploit mitigations. Windows Server 2022 and mission-critical applications will be secure from a common exploit technique – return-oriented programming (ROP) – commonly used to hijack a program’s intended flow of control.
  • Connection security: Secure connectivity is at the heart of today’s linked systems. Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.3 is the latest version of the most deployed security protocol on the internet, supporting data encryption to provide a secure communication channel between two endpoints. TLS 1.3 removes outdated cryptographic algorithms, enhancing security compared to older versions.. Windows Server 2022 comes with TLS 1.3 enabled by default, helping to protect the data of connecting clients. connect to the server.

Link to download Windows Server 2022 21H2 – 32bit 64bit

Size: 5.4 GB

Google Drive download link: DOWNLOAD

Torrent download link, see how to download with torrent

magnet:?xt=urn:btih:B37750A9A2BF7C7F4357DBA6C113129580B594E0& -Bit%20%5BEN%5D%5BRU%5D%5B2021%5D

Windows Server 2022 keys are here

Windows Server 2022 Server Standard : MFY9F-XBN2F-TYFMP-CCV49-RMYVH
Windows Server 2022 Datacenter : 2KNJJ-33Y9H-2GXGX-KMQWH-G6H67

Installation Instructions

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