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SweetScape 010 Editor is a professional-grade text editor and hex editor designed to quickly and easily edit any file or drive on your computer. Combining an easy-to-use interface with a full range of editing tools, 010 Editor is a valuable tool for anyone working with text or binary files. One of the most powerful features of 010 Editor is its ability to parse almost any binary file using a binary pattern.

Instead of traversing a bunch of hex bytes like with traditional hex editors, the Binary Pattern allows a file to be interpreted. The template is easy to write and can be used to parse absolutely any data format, such as BMP or ZIP files (Templates for reading these files are included with 010 Editor).

The binary template looks similar to a C/C++ construct, but is actually run as a program. Every time a variable is declared in a Template, that variable is mapped to a set of hex bytes in a file. The data in the file can then be read or written by modifying the variable. Because the Pattern is run as a program, if, for, or while statements as well as complex functions or expressions can be used. When the Sample is run, the variables defined can be edited using the Sample Result, as shown on the left. New templates can be added to the 010 Editor and can even be configured to run automatically when files are loaded.

Features of SweetScape 010 Editor

  • View and edit any binary file on your hard drive (unlimited file size) and text files including Unicode files, C/C++ source code, etc…
  • Binary Template Technology Unique allows you to understand any binary file format.
  • Find and fix problems with hard drives, floppy drives, memory keys, flash drives, CD-ROMs, processes, etc.
  • Analyze and edit binary data with powerful tools including Find, Replace, Find in Files, Binary Compare, Check Algorithms/Hash, Histograms, etc.
  • Powerful scripting engine that allows to automate many tasks (a language very similar to C).
  • Import and export your binary data in a number of different formats.

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