Download proDAD Adorage Full – Provides more than 17,000 video effects

proDAD Adorage is the entire Ad Storage library with all the effects! More than 17,000 effects in 13 available packs are included in this collection. For every perfect effect situation with Adorage All-in-one! After a quick installation, you can instantly create your project using a simple interface. You just need to import two files and see the available effects grouped into blocks. On the other hand, Ad Storage has a large number of effects that you can use, the minus is that the main window, its size, cannot be changed, so navigating the entire library can be a process. process takes little time.

After you have selected one of the input files, you can adjust its shape and size. You can control in detail the angle and relative position of the starting and ending frames. Furthermore, you can adjust the speed and motion of the transition between the two frames above.

The transition from the first frame to the second is handled by the mixer component with a selectable mask. You can choose a border color that separates pixels from each input file and assigns relative brightness to a specified distance. Another notable effect you can apply to the mask is the gradual fading of source A and the fading of source B. If you want to control all the transitions, the effect particles and animations applied to your videos, then Ad Storage is the solution for you.

Supported Plugins:


  • Storage used as converter and filter
  • Adobe Premiere Pro 1.0, 1.5, 2.0
  • Adobe Premiere CC2014 CC2019


  • Storage used as converter and filter
  • Avid Studio


  • Storage used as converter and filter
  • Corel VideoStudio 12.x
  • Corel VideoStudio Pro X4 X11


  • Storage used as converter and filter
  • PowerDirector 13 18

Grass Valley KK

  • Storage used as converter and filter
  • GV EDIUS NEO 3.x
  • GV EDIUS 6.0 9.0


  • Storage used as converter and filter
  • MAGIX Video deluxe 15 18
  • MAGIX Video deluxe 2013 2020
  • MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 15 17
  • MAGIX Video Pro X1 X11
  • Vegas Pro 13 17
  • Vegas Movie Studio 13, 14

Pinnacle Studio:

  • Storage used as relay and filter
  • Pinnacle Studio 14 22

Download proDAD Adorage Full

Size: 12 MB

Link Google drive: DOWNLOAD | Link TeraBox: DOWNLOAD


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