Download Net Monitor for Employees Professional 5.8.16 Full

Network LookOut Net Monitor for Employees Professional is a cross-platform software that helps manage user activities, providing the ability to check and monitor computer activities as well as record screen activity as AVI files. Net Monitor for Employees Professional allows remote desktop access. This feature is especially useful when you want to see the activity of each user on the computer or help them perform tasks on the computer with mouse or keyboard actions.

As soon as the software is launched, Net Monitor for Employees Professional will ask the user to set a password to encrypt the data. The software’s very intuitive and clean interface allows users to quickly add, remove, connect or disconnect any remote computer. Not only viewing user activity, the software also allows to record the user’s computer screen and save it as an AVI file, share the desktop with other users, or take screenshots, display messages on other devices. certain selected screen and lock the PC.

Features and characteristics

  • Displays remote user computer activity.
  • Record screen activity.
  • Perform multiple operations on the controlled computer.
  • Display multiple screens at once.
  • Block Internet, site access.
  • Many other features.

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