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Minitab is one of the best known quality control and statistical analysis programs, which is actually a smaller, simpler version of the OMNITAB software. Mini-Tab software is a good tool for the Six Sigma management method to create quality change in the organization and has full processing, calculation, analysis, reporting and statistical tools. other aspect. The availability of statistical process control (SPC) and statistical quality control (SQC) in the ease and ease of use of this software has made it one of the most popular statistical control programs. most variable in the industry.

Minitab statistical software is the ideal package for Six Sigma and other quality improvement projects. From Statistical Process Control to Test Design, it gives you the methods you need to execute every phase of your quality project, along with features like StatGuide and ReportPad to help you understand and Communicate your results. There is no package that is more accurate, reliable or easy to use. In addition to more statistical power than our previous release, MINITAB offers many exciting new features such as: Powerful new graphics engine that delivers compelling results that provide insight into data Your data An easy way to create, edit and update charts The ability to customize your menus and toolbars, so you have comfortable access to the methods you use most.

Minitab functions and features

  • User-friendly, simple and easy environment
  • Import data easily from a variety of sources, such as Excel software and database types
  • Existence of a complete set of statistical tools such as descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, test of normality, and confidence intervals
  • Identify variables and determine the relationship between the nature of the important factors affecting the quality of products and services
  • Use graphical methods to display and describe data
  • I am afraid of different types of statistical quality control tables and charts, such as sequence, cause and effect, Pareto, Ishikawa or fishbone, multiple variables, symmetry charts
  • Advanced and multivariate analysis
  • Estimate product life using a variety of analytical tools
  • Calculate and determine the correlation coefficient between different variables
  • Perform time series analysis and execute ARMA and ARIMA . models
  • Predictions based on linear or linear regression and time series
  • Has a measurement system analysis tool
  • Simulate random or random data based on different distributions
  • Estimated point / interval
  • Perform non-standard tests with unknown components and distributions
  • Coordinate and communicate with databases and databases.

Download Minitab 21.1.1 Full Crack

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