Download Luminar Neo 1.0.7 (9703)

Luminar Neo is an innovative image editor powered by futuristic AI technologies that simplifies complex editing workflows and enables creators to turn their boldest ideas into reality. real. Luminar Neo calculates the depth of the image and creates a 3D map, allowing you to naturally scatter light in 3D across a 2D image. This opens up opportunities to unleash your creativity to bring your artistic vision to life.

MaskAI automates the masking process by identifying objects in the image and creating the correct mask. You can always tweak those masks manually with a brush if you want. Layers open up a whole new level of creative expression, with endless possibilities for adding objects, textures, watermarks, and any other graphic to your images.

The Luminar Neo is a giant leap forward in AI-driven, more creative editing that addresses the challenges of photographers. Its goal is to be high quality, fast, easy, and to deliver exciting results for anyone who wants to edit images and channel their creativity in new ways.

It is based on unique technologies developed by Skylum and works on a modular system, which means that different parts of the application can now be individually optimized for best results. Thanks to the independent module engine, Luminar Neo will be updated more often. Luminar Neo has a more flexible editing workflow, which means less memory is needed to edit photos. The new engine has lots of small background optimizations on memory usage that speed up all processes inside the app, from uploading to applying editing effects, using layers, and exporting. .

Features of Luminar Neo

  • Get speed and flexibility in your editing with our brand new core engine and layer workflow.
  • Luminar Neo draws on all the best solutions from our combined and developed experience for maximum performance and creativity, and is developed to achieve complex creative results. complex.
  • Adjust the lighting in your photos to creatively control the lighting in a scene. You can control the exposure of your photo based on the distance from the lens to adjust the background and foreground exposure independently.
  • Automatically removes spots on your image caused by dirt on your lens and sensor.
  • Clear unwanted power lines from the sky in your cityscape.
  • Experiment with limitless creativity by easily combining two or more images in one shot.

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