Download HttpMaster Pro 5.5.2 Full – Master HTTP Testing and Debugging

A useful application for web developers who need to automate the testing of web applications by requesting multiple resources from a specified web-based web application. HttpMaster Professional Edition is intended to satisfy the requirements of many people as far as application testing is concerned. When working with HttpMaster Pro, most of the time you will be managing the HttpMaster project properties and properties of the request items contained in the project. Project properties provide global options to customize the internet requests to be made; Changes to this property affect all project requirements items.

HttpMaster Pro can be saved to disk as a file with extension ‘hmpr’ for later reuse. The project file is stored internally in XML format. HttpMaster contains a lot of options that can be used to fine-tune the http requests made. These include request encoding, global URLs and query strings, global http request headers, and some advanced properties like URL encoding and the ability to completely disable caching of executable data. can be useful if you want to execute as fast as possible without collecting any data.

In the project properties you can also define the parameters of different data types and different generation types. Parameters allow you to include dynamic data with the required items; this can be useful to create multiple requests based on parameter data or to create globally reusable values. All defined parameters can be used with the request item properties, for example, with the URL of the request item. By default, HTTPMaster authenticates each request made with the default system validation. The default system confirmation screen returns the http status code and determines the execution results according to this status code. However, you can define a custom validation in the project properties and then use this project validation to define a custom validation logic expression for each requirement item. There are many types of custom validations available;

HttpMaster Pro allows you to define string items of different types, which can then be used in the request items to include some data from the previous request with the next request. You can use these project string items in the request item properties, for example, inside the request item URL. This will automatically insert data from the previous request in places where the string is used. That way you can create a request chain where each request will use some data from the previous request.

If you must test a particular site with multiple input options, you can build the request from an existing HTML asset obtained from a URL or disk file. HttpMaster will detect all HTML inputs inside FORM tags and will display them in a list where you can include them in the request body. For all HTML elements with multiple options (e.g. radio buttons or SELECT elements), HttpMaster will take all possible values ​​from the HTML content and will allow you to dynamically generate multivalued parameters value with the obtained data values.

The response data can be further processed, for example, exporting the response body to an external file, searching the data for a specific term, generating a PDF report and more. HttpMaster also provides some additional tools, e.g. ad hoc http request tool. If you need to quickly make a simple http request, creating a project and request item might not be the best choice. In such situations you can use this special requirements tool which also aids in complete performance data review and management. You can also use the command line interface to automate the execution of HttpMaster projects. Command line execution results are stored in special files that can be opened in HttpMaster for complete execution data review.

Download HttpMaster Pro 5.5.2 Full

Size: 109 MB

Link Google drive: DOWNLOAD | Link TeraBox: DOWNLOAD


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