Download Geometric NestingWorks 2022 SP1 for SolidWorks 2022

 NESTINGWorks automatically nests layouts of SOLIDWORKS parts and assemblies for production. This new 3D nesting application is seamlessly integrated within SOLIDWORKS, enabling automated nesting of flat or 3D part or assembly models made from sheet stock.

Geometric NestingWorks software leverages industry-leading NESTLib® 3D true-shape technology – known by nested application developers worldwide as one of the fastest and most complete auto-shape nesting libraries The most feature-packed available in the industry. With NESTINGWorks, product designers can efficiently optimize sheetstock layouts – including specifications for grain orientation – so they can manufacture the maximum number of parts from a single piece. ingredients in just a few minutes, saving time and minimizing material usage.

Features of Geometric NestingWorks

  • Geometric NestingWorks to align parts to the correct shape, to optimize how parts can fit into the shape. Many nesting tools simply draw a box around the part and nest the box, wasting valuable material.
  • Geometric NestingWorks allows the ability to maximize material utilization by fitting smaller sections into open areas and cutting out over larger sections of the same thickness.
  • Many assemblies have parts of different thicknesses that need to be interlocked. NESTINGWorks can arrange parts in a cluster and automatically group and nest parts of the same thickness.
  • The SPECIAL GRAIN designation plate has directional material properties that are important in many designs
  • As your design changes, any NESTINGWorks layouts will update.
  • PRODUCTION TOOLS DOWNSTREAM NESTING Works create SOLIDWORKS® 3D assemblies that can be used to interface with any manufacturing application.
  • Compatibility: SolidWorks 2019/2022

Download Geometric NestingWorks 2022 SP1 for SolidWorks 2022

Size: 357 MB

Google drive download link:  DOWNLOAD | Link Terabox: DOWNLOAD

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