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DxO ViewPoint is software that reframes photos and restores objects on the edges of frames to their natural shape. The DxO ViewPoint interface features a minimalist design, intuitive comparison tools, clearly visible perspective and horizon correction lines and recognizable settings that let you switch from tool to tool. other immediately. The Loupe tool gives you extremely precise control over the horizon and perspective control, allowing you to fine-tune the corrections you apply to your photos.

DxO ViewPoint can be used as a standalone application or as a plugin for DxO PhotoLab. It can also be used as an external editor with Adobe® Photoshop®, Adobe® Lightroom and Adobe® Photoshop Elements®.

Features of DxO ViewPoint

  • Manually use anchor points or the software’s automatic feature to correct distorted perspectives in wide-angle photos, from the simplest to the most complex.
  • For natural-looking shapes, automatically corrects volume distortion of faces, bodies, and objects at the edges of photos taken with the wide-angle lens.
  • with DxO’s Optical Modules database, the only one in the world, DxO ViewPoint can correct any type of distortion
  • Rebalance landscape shots by automatically straightening a tilted horizon.
  • Are you an urban explorer? Do you love photographing buildings and monuments, but are frustrated by distorted vertical and horizontal lines in your photos when you use a wide-angle lens? With DxO ViewPoint, you can automatically or automatically correct skewed perspectives and automatically crop images while maximizing the visible field.
  • Along the edges of the photo taken with the wide-angle lens, the bodies are stretched and the face stretched due to “volume distortion”. With just one click, DxO ViewPoint identifies distortions and restores the object to its natural shape. This exclusive DxO feature, especially useful for group photos and portraits, perfectly resolves this type of distortion. You can also make changes manually with advanced controls: adjust the correction strength and select the visible field in your images to create perfectly composed photos.
  • DxO ViewPoint uses a sophisticated engine to correct various types of distortion created by your lens. Whether barrel distortion, pincuff or eye distortion, no unwanted curves in your image will be unaffected, then you can easily apply perspective tools.
  • Engineered in our laboratories using a proprietary calibration process, the DxO Optical Module contains vast amounts of data about the exact characteristics of each lens and camera body, providing you with The tweaks are perfectly tailored to your device.
  • DxO’s sophisticated processing engine allows you to perfectly reproduce the progressive quality of a watermark and even reproduce the shape of the Board. Simulate effects created by reducing the depth of field in an image, which normally requires the use of an expensive tilt-shift lens. The image retains their relief – especially when it stands out.
  • Rebalance your landscape shots by automatically leveling a tilted horizon.
  • Keep your photos fully framed no matter what edits you apply. Whether you’re adjusting perspective, straightening a horizon, or changing perspective, auto cropping optimizes the visible field. You can also manually customize how you crop the image.

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