Download Corona Renderer 6 Hotfix 2 for Cinema 4D R14 – S24

Corona Renderer 6 Hotfix 2 for Cinema 4D is used to render the production of Cinema 4D.

This plugin is engineering and specialized powerful, but highly functional for Autodesk 3ds Max software is. Plug before you as a standalone application known CLI. Also, users are able to use this tool to promote their business on software Maxon Cinema 4D is also used.

With this tool easier than ever can do render settings. Always control your users using a very high quality of the performance will be In making this plugin has been trying to do all the tools possible and collect users’ requirements and be prepared.

The makers of this product are convinced that working with this tool is very simple and in fact you can just press render rendering operations do. Finally should be noted that the plug before you with their high flexibility in the operations of rendering high speed also benefit

Features of Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D

  • Ease Of Use
  • Interactive Rendering
  • Flexibility
  • Speed
  • Workflow Tweaks
  • Materials
  • Lights
  • SSS & Volumetrics
  • UHD Cache
  • Distributed Rendering
  • Proudly CPU Based

Download Corona Renderer 6 Hotfix 2 for Cinema 4D R14-S24

Size: 131 MB

Google drive download link:  DOWNLOAD | Mega download link:  DOWNLOAD

Decompression pass:

Installation and activation Instructions

  1. Remove Corona_52_c4d_fix.dll or any other previous cr’ack
  2. Download and install Corona from
  3. Copy Corona_62_c4d_fix.dll to the C4D root dir ( C:\Program Files\MAXON\Cinema 4D R23 )
    Copy LegionLib_Release.dll to the plugins\corona dir ( C:\Program Files\MAXON\Cinema 4D R23\plugins\corona )
    and to the dirs of each other C4D version with the Corona installed, if any Copy both Corona_62_c4d_fix.dll and LegionLib_Release.dll to the:
    Image Editor dir ( C:\Program Files\Corona\Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D\Image Editor ), if needed
  4. Enjoy!

Uninstallation note:

If you want to go legal, then delete Corona_62_c4d_fix.dll and restore the original LegionLib_Release.dll 
and REMOVE token-c4d-commercial.txt from the  %LOCALAPPDATA%\CoronaRenderer  before running and activating Corona
or just execute Delete_token-c4d.bat  (also repeat this for every User profile that uses Corona)
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