Download ChemOffice Suite 2021 v21.0.0.28 Full

PerkinElmer ChemOffice Suite 2021 offers all the functionality of version 20, plus new additional features to accelerate research even faster and enable new and evolving fields of scientific research. In addition, we are adding to our package options to give you the broader set of scientific tools you need for research, from 3D modeling to spectral analysis, to access to a Lab. New Lab Notebook, scientific documentation and collaboration platform.

PerkinElmer ChemOffice Suite is the most powerful intelligent, scientific research productivity suite in the world. It builds on the foundation of ChemDraw Professional and adds access to a powerful set of scientific tools* to enable scientific research. Document, search, and share your research with Signals Notebook Personal Edition, a modern, web-based scientific collaboration platform. Load and process 1D NMR and LC/GC/MS data directly on your desktop with Mnova ChemDraw Edition. Access and edit your ChemDraw files from any device with the ChemDraw Cloud. Advanced structural prediction with your favorite third-party applications and Chem3D Ultra. Advanced chemical database management with ChemFinder Ultra.

Download ChemOffice Suite 2021 v21.0.0.28 Full Crack

Size: 657 MB

Link Google drive: DOWNLOAD


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