Download CAST (Strut and Tie Model) Full

The Strut and Tie Model method is a method for designing discontinuities (Area D). Zone D are areas of the structure with complex variations in stress and deformation, which can be mentioned at the position of force application, sudden changes in cross-sectional shape, and no longer obey the assumptions. of Bernoulli’s law that we are familiar with in the subject of strength of materials. Then, the formulas established under the Bernoulli hypothesis no longer apply. We must use a different method to solve these problems. The virtual truss method is an effective tool to solve that problem. We can encounter problems about calculating the reinforcement required for bored pile foundation foundation, super-T girder column, super-T girder head cut, civil house pile foundation…..If we apply Using the principles of calculation of strength on parts of the above member, it is possible that the structure will not be safe in terms of bearing force, cracking may occur at those locations.

The use of Cast software will assist in checking the reinforcement layout, calculating the reinforcement required for discontinuities. However, you need to nail out the virtual truss diagram as well as the loads acting on the member, the component dimensions in the model. This requires the designer to have basic knowledge of virtual truss modeling, the formation and how to set up virtual rigs. You can follow this blog to see my next posts. The articles will detail how to create a virtual rig model as well as define virtual rig sizes!

Download CAST (Strut and Tie Model) Full

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