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There are something new in AutoCAD 2012 interface. Like it or not. I didn’t write it on separate post, because I consider they are minor updates. And further more, first thing most AutoCAD users do when they get the new version… is trying to make it back to normal. However, interface is the first thing we will notice. So let’s cover this.

  1. In canvas viewport control. Now you can change visual styles and viewport view quickly from viewport control. It’s a nice to have tool, because we don’t have to open view tab to do it now. However, if we mostly work in 2D, we don’t need this.
  2. AutoComplete will show you a list of commands after you type several characters. New users who try to learn using command alias might love it. However, I don’t think veteran users need it. Especially if you already familiar with pressing tab to cycle between commands.
  3. In AutoCAD 2012, we can choose to start AutoCAD without opening any file. Not even startup dialog box. Try to change STARTUP to 2. I like it. But I wish Autodesk provides welcome page like in Revit.

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See also: XForce 2012

Installation and activation Instructions

  • Serial Number: 666-69696969
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