Aescripts Composite Brush v1.6.2 Full (Win, Mac) Free Download

Composite Brush is a true and user-friendly color selector and also a modifier for After Effects. Produce a choice with only a couple of strokes, and then change colors or pull on a secret with the result.

Some great features of Composite Brush:

  • Drag and click: Publish the chosen colors. (Also known as favorable choices ).
  • Alt+drag and click: Merge un-selected Colours (negative choices.)
  • Move Mode Color: This color will be used With the transport style if it’s a transfer manner that simplifies colors.
  • Transport Mode: The compositing performance Applied to the chosen colors.
  • HSV Shade: Copies Hue of Move Mode color, multiplies 2x that the Saturation and lightness of this transport style color. It is 2x since anything over.5 can produce the color brighter, so anything less will make it look younger.
  • Hue: Copies the color of this move style color to the selection.
  • Saturation: Copies the use of this transfer style color to The choice.
  • Luminance: Copies the luminance of this transfer style color to The choice. Multiplies the move mode shade x2 from the choice. .5 doesn’t have any effect, greater makes the choice brighter, making it even darker.
  • Regular: duplicates the transport mode shade within the choice. Boost Alphaboosts the alpha station in the choice. Shade is unchanged
  • Stencil Alpha: Removes alpha in the selection.
  • Silhouette Alpha: Allergic alpha out of The choice.
  • Restore the First RGB: Brings back the first Picture’s RGB channels within your own selection.
  • Restore the First RGBA: Restores whole picture, RGBA, by the whole image within your own selection.
  • Matte Type: The Way of translating a choice based on Selected and unselected colors.
  • Tough: Procedures fast, captures large areas of color. Here really is the best way to utilize whenever possible since it is fast and restricts the colors that it catches.
  • Moderate: Much much milder falloff compared to’hard’ move mode. Great for overall purpose matting of objects. Likely better than’ difficult’, but somewhat more slowly.
  • Soft: This manner is likely going to be deprecated from the Future, it is made obsolete from the hairstyle, and stocks a lot of similarities to moderate’ to be helpful.
  • Hair v1.3: This manner simply chooses one Favorable choice, but Takes multiple negative choices. (Click to delegate a favorable choice, alt-click to assign a negative choice.) This manner was specially constructed to acquire an extremely soft falloff when wavy glass, hair, smoke, flame, etc.. In case you’ve got multiple positive choices, then reset the Plug-in to clean them. We would recommend focusing on just keying the semi-transparent worth on your picture using this manner. Insert as few unwanted choices (alt-clicks) as you can to decrease the hardness of the major, and also make matters procedure quicker.
  • Matte Invert: Inverts your own matte.
  • Truth: Occasionally you might select chosen (optimistic ) and Unselected (negative) colors which are extremely much like one another. A high accuracy value (maximum 100) will enable the key to be as exact as you can, allowing two quite similar colors to possess different designations. A minimal precision worth will automatically delete a chosen color should you alt-click nearby or delete an unselected shade should you click neighboring. This amount is a percent, in case your matte gets hard to change, or overly sharp, then it might help to turn down the precision and do a little more clicking and clicking.
  • Matte High Level: This clips that the alpha Worth on very top. It functions exactly the identical manner” Amounts” does, using an alpha channel. It is suggested that if using a Soft Matte, you flip this to about 95 or even 90. Lowering it will be able to let you get fantastic results faster without making a lot of choices.
  • Matte Low Level: This clips the cheapest Alpha worth.
  • Matte Blur: Just how irresistible the choice is. Notice: Right now This amount only takes integers. As a workaround, you could always simply use an alpha changing transfer styles, and hotel to the built-in blur and blur controls to get more accuracy.
  • Matte Choke: This contracts and expands the bounds of this Matte, it is quite much like this After Effects”Simple Matte Choker”.
  • Hard Matte Gamma: Just procedures when the Matte Form is set to difficult, this really is the gamma of this choice matte.

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Composite Brush v1.6.2 for Win

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Composite Brush v1.6.1 for Win

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Composite Brush v1.6.0 for Win/Mac

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